Forte launched the FORTENERGY product line in 2019; technological products aimed at generating renewable energy. Our great launch is the Green Tile Photovoltaic Roofs, yes the first photovoltaic roof in Brazil, developed and produced here in our country. Discover and be surprised by this incredible technology.













     Discover the Green Tile photovoltaic roof, a flat roof tile that generates electrical energy through solar radiation. Now you no longer need to overlay anything on your roof to generate energy, as the Green Tile is the roof tile itself, thus avoiding several problems that occur by placing hooks and overweight in the structure of your residence, in addition to leaving your home aesthetically beautiful and harmonious.


Some Advantages and Benefits


  • Green Tile is the same size as a flat concrete roof tile
  • You can merge common flat roof tiles with Green Tile
  • It is more secure for your home, since it is a roof tile and does not need overlapping like other conventional solar panels
  • Values the aesthetics of your property
  • Green Tile makes your property even more valuable over the years
  • Ease of installation 
  • 80% power generation guarantee within 25 years


Have your energy independence with Green Tile


For more information contact us by e-mail contato@fortenergy.com.br